Lingana Pictures

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Entire Dhumketu Group+Last Batch

Dekho mere muscles

Water Source/Dog bath

Unpacking the tents on the last day

UNO at 4 Am

Camp fire with Dhumketu guys

Complete view of lingana

Rope pulling

Hands after a day of rope pulling

1200 feet of rope

Trekking back to railing plateau after triple thrill

Lunch at the Cave on lingana

Railing plateau as seen from lingana

Picture taken during flying fox

Rapelling pic taken during flying fox

Rapelling as seen from Railing plateau

Rapeliing 2

Rapelling 1

Rock Climbing

Flying Fox

Camp site at railing plateau

Campfire on the first day

Good morning

Climbing up

At Pune